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Dynamo Tester

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This tester has both the computer simulation system and a micro precision system. It is used in testing Brake Performance of vehicles. On testing variable conditions (frequency of control, speed, brake pressure, brake temperature and brake reduction speed) the tester can be set up and controlled by computer. It shows collection, analysis and operation of data on screen.

Item Specification
  Total Weight (W) 1047kg

Wf=[Wfo + (H/L)W]/2
Wr=[Wro + (H/L)W]/2

I = (W x D2)/4g
I = (W x D/α)/g

T : Brake Torque

α : Brake Reduction Speed

  Front Weight (Wfo) 595 kg
  Rear Weight (Wro) 452 kg
  Tire Diameter (D) 0.520 m
  Wheel Base (L) 2.290 m
  Gravity Height (H) 0.570 m
  Front Cal' Weight (Wf) 356.1 kg
  Front Cal' Weight (Wr) 167.4m
  Front Inertia (I) 2.46 kgms2
  Rear Inertia (I) 1.15 kgms2